[Namaste-dev] Re: Version 1.0 of Interoperability Study by Joanne Maenpaa posted for review

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Thank you very much for this document.  It makes a strong case for the
UC/ICS in that it appears  it has within it the acknowledgement that large
scale disasters include loss of communications infrastructure and also seems
to admit "individuals with training".   After AMSAT considers the entirety
of your white paper and the references on which it was based, and assuming
adopting this as how we should operate, and should the entire team say this
is the way to go,  I wonder if it is too much to ask at this time that you
suggest a few immediate and a few longer term actions we might take.


If you feel like taking on this additional piece,  assume that we are
targeting the Southern California area to interoperate with first responders
in dealing with fires in answering this request.



Bob McGwier



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Joanne writes:


"Hi Michelle,

Here is my first version of a document which discusses AMSAT's possible
communications interoperability interface based on the National Incident
Management System and the Incident Command System.

I'll be happy to receive any reviewer comments on it!  If you think it is
appropriate please place it on the Namaste web page for others to read and

I plan to expand this topic beyond the white paper into a Symposium paper."



Thank you to Joanne! Let's review and discuss her work. It's in the document
feed (and therefore will be delivered to you automagically if you are a
subscriber) and is posted in the requirements section of the website at:




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