[Namaste-dev] Weekly Plan 28 April - 2 May

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 28 10:54:36 PDT 2008

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Plans for this week: April 28 – May 2
1. Dayton Preparations. We’re working with Gould WA4SXM to get the booth exhibits, booth schedule, and booth goals in order by the end of this week. The notes for the AMSAT forum and the PowerPoint presentation are completed and will be test-driven at an amateur radio club meeting on 7 May 2008. Thank you to everyone that has provided feedback so far. The doodlepad link budget whiteboard will be next. Supplies for that are all purchased and it’s ready to be decorated. That’s followed by handout preparation and the delay demo, which will be done in software and presented on a laptop. I’ll be in the booth at the very least according to the following schedule:
Friday 16 May 9:00am-12:00pm
Saturday 17 May 1:00pm-4:00pm
And, Phil Karn is preparing his coding demonstration for the booth as well. 
2. Bulletin 65 Version 2.0 Document Release. This is an FCC-required RF safety evaluation of the ground station baseline antenna. Version 2.0 is the result of incorporating the first round of comment and critique. 
3. Link Budget Verification. Continue work! 
4. Interference study at 3.4GHz by Kerry N6IZW. He is expecting to release a proposal of the study this week for review, as well as receive a low noise block converter purchased for the study. It has an adjustable matching feed, V&H switchable polarization and a very good noise figure. We will need other sites in other parts of the country tested for terrestrial interference. Kerry is happy to make the converter and feed available for others wishing to collect data in other areas if they have a dish and spectrum analyzer. Please volunteer if you can help get more data for the interference study. This will improve the link budget.
5. Cognitive Radio Requirements Schedule. You may recall Bob McGwier mentioning Tom Rondeau, who wrote a dissertation on cognitive radio. We’re interested in providing a terrestrial interface model that uses this strategy, and Tom will be available in mid-June to work on the project. In between now and then, let’s read the dissertation and work on requirements, with an eye towards being ready to start work on a cognitive radio module for Namaste in late summer. 
6. Air Interface Document by Paul KB5MU and Matt N2MJI . Draft for initial commentary in the works. This document drives a lot of requirements, and will be released for review as soon as possible. 
7. Video editing. More videos will be available of project evangelism and activities. They’ll show up in the document feed from time to time. 
8. This space for rent! Some technology challenges and areas of needed research include the outdoor unit RF constraints and state of the union on how to get to baseband. Tuesday will be "challenge day" where work that no one has tackled yet will be thrown out on the list for the taking. 
More soon,
-Michelle W5NYV

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