[keps] Five New CubeSats Have Been Added to This Week's KEPs

Ray Hoad ray.hoad at mypbmail.com
Thu Oct 11 21:43:52 PDT 2012

Five new CubeSats were deployed from ISS on 10-4-2012 and are now on orbit. 
They have been added to this week's KEPs. Those CubeSats are as follows:
2. RAIKO - RAIKO is a non-amateur radio Ku-band beacon.
3. TechEdSat
4. NanoRack/F1

Since these CubeSats were deployed basically at the same time, we do not 
know which is which satellite.
The objects listed on SpaceTrack are as follows:
International   Common        Catalog
Designator      Name *        Number
1998-067CN    (Object A)   Cat. # 38852
1998-067CP    (Object B)   Cat. # 38853
1998-067CQ    (Object C)   Cat. # 38854
1998-067CR    (Object D)   Cat. # 38855
1998-067CS    (Object E)   Cat. # 38856
* The Object A through E is not to be confused with the objects listed 
below. I have listed them in the KEPs by their International Designator in 
an attempt to avoid confusion.

Remember that the ELaNa Cubesats were launched 9-9-2012 and I have 
temporarily designated them as Objects C through J until we sort those 
satellites out.  They are as follows:
1. AENEAS - Cat. # 38760 (Object C)
2. Object D - Cat. # 38761
3. Object E - Cat. # 38762
4. Object F - Cat. # 38763
5. Object G - Cat. # 38764
6. Object H - Cat. # 38765
7. Object J - Cat. # 38766

Yes, space around our planet is very busy right now.  I would gratefully 
accept any guidance as to which ELaNa launched object is which or which ISS 
launched CubeSat is which for that matter. SpaceTrack has indicated which 
object is which in the ELaNa launch but that opinion may not be correct. So 
help me out here and hazzard a guess.  If no information forthcoming, I will 
go back to the SpaceTrack object to Catalog number listing next week in an 
effort to avoid further confusion (too late). 

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