[keps] ELaNa Launch Cubesat Identification Still in Process

Ray Hoad ray.hoad at mypbmail.com
Thu Sep 27 20:18:09 PDT 2012

What I thought was a good identification of the satellites launched on 
9/17/2012 ELaNa launch was incorrect.  The identification of the objects in 
the cluster of satellites is still unsure.

Therefore, I must start over naming the satellites by Object C, Object D, 
and so on.  Yes, very disappointing. This can be a long process particularly 
if the cluster takes a long time to disperse.

The objects that I have included in the KEPs this week are as follows:

Object D - Cat # 38761
Object E - Cat # 38762
Object F - Cat # 38763
Object G - Cat # 38764
Object H - Cat # 38765
Object J - Cat # 38766

I depend on you all to help identify the actual names of these satellites. I 
can add or subtract from this list as necessary.  Please listen to the 
downlink frequencies of these satellites and by observing the AOS and LOS 
times, determine which object is which.

You can go to http://amsat.org/pipermail/ans/2012/000651.html to find the 
downlink frequencies for each satellite.  Click on the previous ANS until 
you see ANS 260. The first article in ANS 260 has the frequencies to listen 

Thanks for your help and I will give credit as credit is due.

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