[keps] Kodiak Launch Satellites Added to AMSAT KEP Distribution

Ray Hoad ray.hoad at mypbmail.com
Thu Dec 16 19:25:57 PST 2010

The following satellites have been added to the AMSAT KEP distribution

RAX - Cat # 37223
OOREOS - Cat # 37224
FASTSAT - Cat # 37225
FAST1 and FAST2 - Cat # 37227 (FAST1 and FAST2 have the same KEPs at this time)

For some reason, yet unknown, Spacetrack is not publishing the KEPs for the 
above satellites.  I am seeking an answer and will advise when I have something.

Special thanks to Drew Glasbrenner (KO4MA) for guiding me to the location of the 
KEPs for the above satellites. 

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