[keps] AMSAT-NA Satellite Keplerian Element List Revised 5-7-09

Ray Hoad r.hoad at att.net
Thu May 7 19:54:22 PDT 2009

It is time for my yearly "spring cleaning" and the AMSAT Satellite 
Keplerian Element list has been revised.

The following satellites have been DROPPED from the list.
AO-10 Cat# 14129
UO-11 Cat# 14781
RS-15 Cat# 23439
PO-34 Cat# 25520
AO-40 Cat# 26609
PO-63 Cat# 29712

The following satellites have been ADDED to the list.
CO-55 Cat# 27844
GENESAT-1 Cat# 29655
CP3 Cat# 31129
KKS-1 Cat# 33493

Please advise if you want to suggest additional changes.

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