[keps] AMSAT KEPs - DELFI C3 = DO-64

Ray Hoad r.hoad at att.net
Thu Aug 14 20:13:21 PDT 2008

This is to clarify a question that has come up more than once.
When satellites are given an AMSAT designation, the old launch name is 
Name changes trip me up also. (I am not good at names).

DELFI C3 Keplerian elements ARE in the AMSAT KEPs.

They are the Keplerian elements associated with DO-64 (Cat # 32789)which 
is the new AMSAT designation.
DO-64 is currently listed in the MISC satellites near the end of the 
weekly KEPs.

That is DELFI C3 = Delfi Oscar 64 = DO-64.

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