[keps] Problems with the ORB07340 Keps issued 12-6-07

Ray Hoad r.hoad at att.net
Sat Dec 8 08:53:26 PST 2007

For some reason the orb07340 issue of the AMSAT Keps had multiple copies 
of the same satellite. This can really messup some tracking software. My 
checking software missed this (another feature to add).  The orb07340 
keps can be fixed by removing the excess copies. The Keps themselves are 

To make things easier, I have issued a more recent copy of this weeks 
Keps on 12-8-07.  The orb07342 Keps are two days newer than orb07340 
keps and do not have the multiple copies of the same satellite problem.

Sorry for the problem Keps. It will take me a while to figure out way 
the same process produced different results ????

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