[eagle] Third call for papers for Amsat Symposium- Time grows short!

Daniel Schultz n8fgv at usa.net
Tue Aug 11 17:35:03 PDT 2009

These are all of the symposium paper proposals received to date:

AO-7’s Solar Array Power After 35 Years In Orbit
James A. DeYoung

Amateur radio on the ISS
Will Marchant

Software Radio Technology on SuitSat-2
Anthony Monteiro

A Linear U/V Transponder for SuitSat2
Bill Ress

Using AO-51 Telemetry to Optimize a Successor
Robert Davis

AMSAT Eagle Geostationary Platform Educational Opportunities
JoAnne Maenpaa

Mayan Observations of Venus
Martin Davidoff

CubeSat Data Analysis Software
Sebastian De Angelis
University of Hawaii at Manoa

We need many more papers to have a full conference and we need them soon. I am
asking all active Amsat leadership and technical personnel to please step
forward NOW and get me some more paper proposals. If not then we can hold the
symposium in about 4 hours on Saturday afternoon and then send everybody

Since the subject of launch opportunities is driving most of what Amsat can do
in the near future, I propose that this be one of the major themes for this
year's symposium. Papers on possible cooperative projects with other space
organizations would also be relevant. You might also consider doing a tutorial
session on some technical subject that you are an expert on for the education
of the rest of us.

I may be moving to a new job in the fall so please don't count on me being
able to edit a large number of papers on the night before the print shop
deadline. Please try to get them in sooner than the deadline, sometime in
mid-September (exact date TBD but don't push your luck).

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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