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Thank you very much indeed for continuing to maintain these tools.   They
are extremely important to our maintaining a modern capability to design,
simulate, and build hardware for our projects.





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AMSAT has been maintaining a world class set of software tools for RF
design, antenna design, schematic capture, PCB layout and auto-route, and
FPGA/CPLD/etc. design.  There are modules for special purpose applications
like high speed signal PCB design, simulation and emulation. The
capabilities are beyond want most of us could ever afford to touch if it
were not for AMSAT. These tools have been updated with the latest revisions
over the past week and new instructions have been prepared to help you find


The purpose of making these tools available is EDUCATION. This is arguably
AMSAT's most important mission. These tools are here for YOU to become
better educated by learning and using these tools. The only restriction is
that you use them only for AMSAT sponsored projects, one of which is YOUR
EDUCATION, so go ahead and use them to design your new Ham Shack antenna,
circuit board, or whatever. AMSAT sponsored projects include ARISS, TAPR and
HPSDR projects and may include others in the future.


The most important limitation is that these tools are not to be used for
personal commercial gain or on projects that are not sponsored by AMSAT.  So
do not share the registration information with non-members unless
specifically authorized by the AMSAT President or his delegated authority.


Attached are the instructions for getting the tools. The licenses are
controlled by a central server so you must be connected to the Internet to
use these tools. There are limits on the number of simultaneous users
permitted by each license, some as low as two at a time, others as high as
20 at a time. I don't expect that to be a problem.


These tools are worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, so what is the
hitch?  Any one suite of tools (sometimes called a "flow") is a major
personal commitment to learn. For that reason I recommend locating the
various Webcasts that are available and teaming up with a partner. Why would
AMSAT put you through all this pain? Because AMSAT needs people who know how
to use these tools to design the next generation satellites. 







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