[eagle] Re: Flash-Based Rad-Tolerant FPGAs

Assi Friedman 4x1kx at iarc.org
Tue Sep 16 16:36:42 PDT 2008

That is an apples to oranges comparison.

If you want to get a feel for the premium charged for rad tolerant/hard
devices you should compare the devices from the same family tree.
The commercial ProASIC3 device is about $200/unit.

When it comes to Xilinx parts, the premium from their commercial to the
space is just as obscene as Actel's.


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> Xilinx 500k gate devices are $22 in unit quantities plus $1 for the
> external
> flash memory so that's a 200:1 ratio for space-based versus earth-based
> hardware.
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> John

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