[eagle] Re: Flash-Based Rad-Tolerant FPGAs

Lyle Johnson kk7p at wavecable.com
Tue Sep 16 11:21:08 PDT 2008

Hello Tom!

> Lyle Johnson wrote:
>> Actel has just introduced "rad tolerant" flash-based FPGAs.  These use 
>> the *identical* silicon die as the commercial ProASIC 3 devices.  These 
>> are what we specified (and purchased) for the SDX for Eagle.
>> < URL:http://www.actel.com/products/milaero/rtpa3/default.aspx >
>> 73,
>> Lyle KK7P
> Good News!  Any idea of the price for the price for flight-quality
> parts? I'm about to unveil my latest (for EAGLE at GEO) payload idea and it
> is heavily dependent on the use of FPGA's for  polyphase filter bank
> (PFB) and digital cross-bar (DXB); details to follow.

No, but it'll be darned expensive with ceramic packaging and "bga" bumps 
made of stand-up pillars.


If you are not a US citizen it may be a criminal offense to read the 
next sentence!

   I'd fly the plastic part in a TQFP, personally.


Note that the Actel Flash FPGAs aren't as full of DSP features as the 
SRAM-based parts from Xilinx et al.


Lyle KK7P

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