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Daniel Schultz n8fgv at usa.net
Wed Sep 10 15:33:47 PDT 2008

NASA is NOT exempt from ITAR. Most of the documents I handle for work are now
marked "US export controlled". Why do you think I haven't given any Hubble
talks at recent Amsat meetings? NASA has to jump through the same legal hoops
as everyone else, but they have lawyers on the payroll already so it is not a
big burden. NASA's budget for photocopy paper is many times larger than
Amsat's total budget. 

Amsat is not the only outfit affected by ITAR, a lot of small businesses are
being shut down by an inability to export their products. It is their
complaints that have attracted the attention of the Obama campaign, whose
space policy states that:

"Revising Regulations for Aerospace Export Control: Some sections of the
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) have unduly hampered the
competitiveness of domestic aerospace industry. Outdated restrictions have
cost billions of dollars to American satellite and space hardware
manufacturers as customers have decided to purchase equipment from European
suppliers. While protecting our national security interests, Barack Obama will
direct a review of the ITAR to reevaluate restrictions imposed on American
companies, with a special focus on space hardware that is currently restricted
from commercial export. He will also direct revisions to the licensing process
to ensure that American suppliers are competitive in the international
aerospace markets, without jeopardizing American national security."

McCain has not made any such statements in his space policy, but those who
support his campaign should get in touch with him and try to get it added on.

We should be making complaints to elected representatives about how our
organization is being affected by ITAR. Our organization is sufficiently
different from commercial for-profit companies that our specific needs should
be considered along with those of small business, in particular our desire to
conduct the project in "open-source" mode.

If I understand correctly, if the IHU3 was an engine control computer for a
car, it would be OK to work with the Germans, but since it is designed to go
into a satellite, it is forbidden to share it with foreigners. Very Strange.

While we are sorting this out, keep in mind that this subject WILL come up at
the Symposium/Annual Meeting next month. We better have a good presentation
for the membership at that time. If you want to print anything in the
published proceedings, I will need your material by the end of September.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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> Chuck,
> I would like to point out that any work on ARISS is exempt since it is  
> a government activity NASA.
> You are free to help ARISS all you want.

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