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I think this misses the point of these discussions.  Some of our most
valuable, long term, productive volunteers, people who have been producing
real results for a long time,  have been sitting on the sideline because of
the fear of ITAR and its implications.  Shortly after our first major
meeting where ACP was really introduced,  they almost completely pulled back
from us.  They have a specific example they can point to, in a person we all
know who was caught up in it, pursued by the authorities, and ate a real
cost that pushed them to the edge financially. 

It just isn't worth taking the risk to them and thus it is very costly to

I don't think anyone blames ITAR for all that happened here since June.


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Saying that the reason there is no progress on Eagle is because of ITAR 
is like saying that the reason my dog hasn't read "The Complete Works of 
William Shakespeare" is because he can't reach it on the top bookshelf.

The real reasons why there is no progress:
    Nobody knows what "Eagle" is anymore
    Everyone who was actually doing any work was summarily "fired".  
Multiple times in some cases.


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