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What led me to beleive that nothing had been done is that there is no 
published policy regarding ITAR and others seem to be confused about its 

Ten years ago, I worked with my employer's contracts manager and an outside 
attorney to come up with a policy for the development of encryption software 
for their products. Since they wanted to sell in the U.S. and Europe, 
including government customers, this ended up being complicated. A big 
problem is that the federal regulations are only part of the law. The rest 
is precidents set by rulings in federal court. Consequently, all he could 
tell us about some schemes to divide up development resources worldwide to 
comply with the law was that it was a "gray area" and untested in court. 
After 4-5 iterations we ended up with a written policy. We did have to force 
foreign nationals in overseas subsidiaries to comply with U.S. law.



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> We paid extremely high powered lawyers in D.C. to give us advice.  The 
> chief
> executive worked for hours with a lawyer, who is a member of AMSAT,  who 
> put
> himself into the same committees and so forth as the other high powered
> lawyers.  Detailed technical assistance agreements complying with the 
> letter
> of ITAR were drawn up and rejected by AMSAT-UK and AMSAT-DL with cause. 
> It
> is UTTERLY ridiculous to bind entities outside the U.S., not acting in the
> U.S.,  to obey our laws when they are not in the U.S.  Strictly speaking,
> we are requiring them to foreswear ever even accidentally doing an 
> exported,
> DEEMED EXPORT being the most aggregious example.
> Following this failure,  I am not aware of any other activity.  We made no
> unofficial or official requests of anyone in a position of authority 
> inside
> the U.S. government who could help us officially.
> To saw we have done nothing is false.  We have not been effective and
> knowing this was a very tough nut to crack,  the board and senior-officers
> did not do their duty, which was to bring out a no holds barred assault on
> this.  Some are afraid of getting ourselves above "see" level and 
> attracting
> the wrong kind of attention to past activities.
> I have been quite upset about the lack of progress on this for some time 
> but
> I am as guilty as anyone in a position of responsibility in this
> organization for not doing whatever it took to work this.  I understood 
> how
> utterly debilitating this was.  Every time I have said something about it,
> I have been effectively ignored or asked "what do you suggest?".  In other
> words, we have stopped trying.
> Bob
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> On Mon, 2008-09-08 at 10:31 -0400, Bob McGwier wrote:
>> Why do you not think we have already done this?
> I've certainly had the impression that the issue was being worked on
> some level, but I don't recall seeing anything like a report or summary
> of the current situation.  Did I miss it somewhere, or is this
> assumption simply the result of not everyone knowing what has and has
> not been done on the ITAR topic?
> 73 - Bdale, KB0G

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