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Precisely, an opinion is all you have.

Opinions are like the place we remove waste material from our bodies.
Everyone has one and they are almost always full of the usual stuff.

We need OFFICIAL cover in writing  There is no way around this.  The lack of
this has crippled us.  We have been denied the best and the brightest in
amateur radio in more than just my opinion for the entire time this has been
an issue.  Some of us have significantly overextended ourselves in this area
and we cannot and will not do it anymore.


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Hi Lyle et al,

> 2) For the same reasons, ITAR prevents us from making 
> a presentation at any AMSAT Symposium with any technical 
> content except perhaps the most general.  

I am definitely no lawyer, but I thought that there was specific exemption
in the definition of "public domain" in 22 CFR 120.11(6):

"Through unlimited distribution at a conference, meeting, seminar, 
trade show or exhibition, generally accessible to the public in the 
United States"


Cheers, Howard G6LVB

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