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Sat Sep 6 09:01:03 PDT 2008

Dan --

Understand that I mean nothing controversial by saying this, but it's very
unclear what the status of the Eagle and/or Intelsat projects *is*. There's
potentially a lot to say, but hard to know whether any of it is pertinent at
this point.

I was prepared to deliver a paper on AMSAT-specific aspects of the same
topic (Delay Tolerant Networking) that I wrote up for DCC. The gist of the
paper was an outline of the specific implementation of a comprehensive
text-messaging service for Eagle. Given the current level of uncertainty
even about *who* the teams are, and the ambient level of acrimony in the
membership, it's questionable whether the time is worth spending.


On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 11:17 AM, Daniel Schultz <n8fgv at usa.net> wrote:

> We still have a serious lack of presentations on the Eagle and Intelsat
> programs. Tom Clark has promised some sort of paper but I have not received
> proposals from anyone else involved in these flagship projects. The
> symposium
> at this point will be all about student built satellites and how to work
> AO-51
> with your HT.
> Eagle team members, please let me know very soon if you have any plans to
> contribute a paper to this year's symposium.
> Dan Schultz N8FGV
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