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Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 21:38:06 PDT 2008

This particular part of your message, that follows, is bordering on preposterous.

"When I return from a two month deployment overseas last month,
and I was given a day to make a big decision at work,  I made the decision
knowing that my days as an AMSAT executive and director were over.  I
needed to make big time changes in my position and there were legal issues
requiring me to make a very hasty decision.  I handled it poorly.  I
freely admit I was upset at the outcome.  I was fighting but I was given
an ultimatum and I acquiesced.  I was signing an agreement that said I
would not have such involvements as AMSAT directorship and officer.  I did
not sign up to run for the board (Michelle celebrates along with Fred Parker). 
Two weeks after this,  things changed, and the right thing happened. 
I informed the board that I would stay until they chose to replace me."

That I would celebrate along with Fred Parker (a person I am not acquainted with, have not discussed anything with, and would not know if they walked in front of me) about any aspect of your management coming to a complete and utter failure, is wrong. This is not a cause for celebration whatsoever. The rest of the paragraph is news to me, and is after the fact of the personnel and policy changes that you made (which were entirely destructive to ACP leadership). 

"From this incident forward,  I have been completely unable to get Michelle to carry on a conversation with me about Namaste or Eagle matters."

This is falsehood. When you state that you are the sole arbiter of engineering decisions of every aspect of ACP, and you alone are the decision maker, and dissent is not tolerated, then conversations cease. I'm not sure what else you would expect, and I don't believe that anyone in the audience is fooled by your attempts to finesse the subject of control. Perhaps you simply can't tolerate empowering others. 

Regardless of how you feel or what you believe, the sort of management that you're incapable of is a
necessity for collaborative projects. I made this clear in February.
It's obvious that you don't agree or that it did not stick. 

If your autocratic management style is what AMSAT wants, then the only real solution, like WOPR discovered in Wargames, is "Not To Play". This is speaking for myself, of course, Certainly, others may feel differently, and you should recruit them. 

Your email on the 23rd of June came out of the blue, and presented no real opportunity for dialog. I have no problem with AMSAT, and, honestly (like Matt), I wish you success on the project. Instead of addressing Old News, like me and Matt Ettus, why don't you turn your attention to the work at hand?

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