[eagle] Re: ACP questions on Eham forum

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 5 11:27:13 PDT 2008

Hi Dave!
I am looking forward to OpenKM to provide archive (revision record and control) and document fetching. 
The plan from here is to use it as back-end support for the website, and not require participants to get a login/password for OpenKM. 
Blog, wiki, whatever - if it's useful it will get used and should be at least tried. I think they're great ideas.
The blog for Namaste is our document feed source, but it gets very few comments because it's more of a utility than a place to post comments.
If you want to see what it looks like it's here:
We're more likely on Namaste to use wikipedia than something like eaglepedia. The construction of a useful wiki takes a lot of time and a critical mass of people willing to edit and contribute. It's worth trying since it can be a great resource. Whatever we can learn from eaglepedia, though, we need to apply going forward.
I expect we will continue to use the Amsat News Service and the Journal to post articles, and whatever people gravitate towards (twitter has been really useful for us) to post status and smaller items.
 -Michelle W5NYV

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Dave hartzell wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 10:12 AM, Matt Ettus <matt at ettus.com> wrote:
>> So developments have been proceeding informally and in [unfortunately]
>> private email and phone conversations.  There is no desire to keep
>> anything secret, closed, or difficult to find.
> One of the disadvantages of going away from the wiki was the closure
> of some activities to the public.
> It will be possible to open up OpenKM to the public, but do we really
> want to expose the document management system to the public?  Trac/SVN
> architecture is inherently more "open" to the world.

I think the best solution would be to put all our larger documents in 
OpenKM.  In the Wiki, we could have a link which fetches the latest 
version from OpenKM.  That way we don't need everyone going into OpenKM 
to find docs.

> Would team leaders (or team members) be interested in a public Blog,
> to post items and status for public consumption?

That's an idea.  We could also informally do this through the wiki.


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