[eagle] Re: ACP questions on Eham forum

Matt Ettus matt at ettus.com
Thu Jun 5 10:12:38 PDT 2008

> I have the powerpoint presentations from Matt, and I have a paper for the physical link that is based on the content of the presentations, but I don't have any other engineering work for ACP to show people or that can help us with ground station design. We need to see the results of payload engineering work in order to continue to make progress on the ground station. 

We have been running into a number of problems here --

- I have asked repeatedly for a Trac and subversion setup for a wiki and 
to post less formal documentation, actual code, sims, and other work.  I 
still don't know the status of it, but I am assured it either has 
materialized or will soon, along with a password for me to use it.  I 
presented an alternative outsourced service, and even offered to pay the 
bill, but that was vetoed.

- OpenKM is great, but it doesn't let you post python or matlab code, 
and isn't really the right vehicle for that anyway.  I have posted some 
documents there.

- Most of my team members are not on the Eagle list, and can't get on 
there because it is invite only, and the inviter has been hard to get a 
hold of.

- I have asked for an ACP mailing list as an alternative, but that 
hasn't happened either.

So developments have been proceeding informally and in [unfortunately] 
private email and phone conversations.  There is no desire to keep 
anything secret, closed, or difficult to find.


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