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Greetings Eagle!
Siddhartha did indeed get what he was looking for, and some other radio astronomy stuff he was looking for as well. He posted to the namaste-dev list the other day.
This brings us to Drew's question, to which I have an offer of a solution, or at least a partial solution. 
I'm happy to provide a web presence for documents concerning the ground station projects (Project Namaste) as well as the engineering documents for the payload that are relevant to the ground station, such as expected user interface, loading, congestion plans, call flow diagrams, quality of service, air interface, and anything relating to expectations of how the ground station is expected to behave from a satellite perspective.
I have the powerpoint presentations from Matt, and I have a paper for the physical link that is based on the content of the presentations, but I don't have any other engineering work for ACP to show people or that can help us with ground station design. We need to see the results of payload engineering work in order to continue to make progress on the ground station. 
Since this mailing list is where I would expect to find people working on ACP, I'd like to invite anyone that is interested in working on any payload that wants ground station support (i.e. the 2m/70cm SuperPortable and the 5.8GHz/3.4GHz Portable/Fixed stations) to send any and all engineering documents, thoughts, requirements, goals, and lists to me or namaste-dev at amsat.org, and I'll be more than happy to present these work products on the website as well as include them in our document feed for delivery to readers and technical reviewers. 
Please see www.amsat.org/namaste to see the current presentation and organization. This is where your documents would be presented. This would provide an offsite storage. I don't currently provide any revision control other than hosting the current document. In other words, a document on the site is the current document. 
If any of you are interested in participating in the development of payload documents that affect ground station engineering, please let me know, and I will help you present them to the ground station team and the rest of the world to the best of my ability. 
I consider public relations and evangelization concerning the ground station to be primary responsibilities of leading the ground station team. Having a publicly accessible and open process goes a very long way towards spreading the word and increasing the chances of the project's success. 
Anything towards that end I'm ready to assist with. This leaves the question of what I mean by partial solution, above. Any engineering for the payload that doesn't have relevance for the ground station (like mechanical issues or other aspects that don't affect any part of ground station design) probably need to be made available elsewhere. 
 -Michelle W5NYV

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Word is getting out, but I really don't know where to point him other than 
the Symposium Proceedings?

73, Drew



I attended a presentation by Matt Ettus, N2MJI, at the Palo Alto Amateur 
Radio Association's monthly meeting about the Advanced Communications 
Package. The project sounded very interesting and as I remember, Matt said 
that the ACP project's goal was to send up these amateur stations on 
commercial satellites in the geostationary orbit so that it eventually, 
someday, gives a trans-global reach for amateurs with portable/handheld 
radios. This was supposed to be an alternative to the Eagle project.

I got talking to a friend and fellow operator who used to be very interested 
in amateur satellite work and he was very interested in knowing more about 

Is there a whitepaper, wiki or some kind of documentation briefly describing 
the project?

I looked at the AMSAT site and could not find much. Any pointers will be 


- Siddhartha WV6U 

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