[eagle] ACP questions on Eham forum

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 4 20:17:00 PDT 2008

Word is getting out, but I really don't know where to point him other than 
the Symposium Proceedings?

73, Drew



I attended a presentation by Matt Ettus, N2MJI, at the Palo Alto Amateur 
Radio Association's monthly meeting about the Advanced Communications 
Package. The project sounded very interesting and as I remember, Matt said 
that the ACP project's goal was to send up these amateur stations on 
commercial satellites in the geostationary orbit so that it eventually, 
someday, gives a trans-global reach for amateurs with portable/handheld 
radios. This was supposed to be an alternative to the Eagle project.

I got talking to a friend and fellow operator who used to be very interested 
in amateur satellite work and he was very interested in knowing more about 

Is there a whitepaper, wiki or some kind of documentation briefly describing 
the project?

I looked at the AMSAT site and could not find much. Any pointers will be 


- Siddhartha WV6U 

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