[eagle] revision control, wiki, web, etc.

Matt Ettus matt at ettus.com
Thu May 29 11:57:13 PDT 2008

I have been talking with Dave Hartzell and Johnathan Corgan about the 
web resources necessary to back the development of ACP, Namaste and 
other AMSAT projects.  We talked about setting up Subversion and Trac, 
which we have used very productively for a few years on the GNU Radio 
project.  Trac provides a wiki, bug tracking, milestones, history, and 
source code browsing.

We could set it up on the server in Rick's office, but that would 
involve a lot of volunteer time to set it up, manage it, and back it 
up.  It also would involve putting more access into a box which will 
apparently have people's credit card info on it, which is clearly a bad 
idea.  These roll-your-own solutions, like Eaglepedia are hard to sustain.

Johnathan has been using, and suggested that we use, devguard.com which 
provides exactly the kind of Trac and SVN hosting we need.  For $7.95 a 
month they'll host it, back it up, and support an unlimited number of 
users.  As the total data size and number of projects grows, you simply 
move up to larger plans which top out at 5 GB and $60/month.

Free volunteers don't come cheap.  Neither does bandwidth.  Proper 
security and backup systems are hard.  Why not leave these things to 
professionals who do it all day long for a reasonable price?

Please check out their services at:


I would appreciate hearing everyone's thoughts on this.  I feel strongly 
that this is the right way to go.  This is a multi-million dollar 
project, so 20 bucks or so a month is in the noise.


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