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Sun Apr 27 09:34:29 PDT 2008


When Meghan was young,  she suffered from this.  It was almost to the 
point where we were going to give up emotionally and then AdVair was 
introduced.  Meghan went from suffering to a soccer team star, on the 
Olympic development team,  member of the fifth ranked high school team 
in the nation,  fourth ranked private club in the nation,  and second 
twice in club finals in New Jersey behind the number 1 ranked team in 
the nation (poor us) twice.

When at the end of her Junior season at her private school, playing a 
"no one" game,  she destroyed her ankle, it was the end of soccer for 
her.  She knew by Christmas it was over.  In the spring semester,  she 
added AP courses,  and took AP all senior passing five courses with 4 
and two with 5's.  She is now the second ranked student in Neuroscience 
at NYU.

Her SAT's stank (well,  90% percentile) and she confessed that she had 
trouble with reading speed.  I had her tested  and she has dyxlexia.  
These SAT's scores  prevented her from getting early admission the 
school of her choice,  late admission to several Ivy's but NYU gave her 
admission the day after the arrival of her transcript and some 
scholarship money.  She said "I am going where I am wanted and living in 
NYC would be great" and that was the end of me whining about any of 
this.  She met and fell in love with the son of a senior manager at 
Merck pharmaceuticals who now is the fastest being promoted new analyst 
at Black Rock.


NEVER give up on them.  Never let them feel sorry for themselves and you 
don't either.   With love and patience,  children are just amazingly 

You have my best wishes and I am hoping for all the best for you and 
your daughter. 

Now  ;-)

I need my RF.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that you and Tom Clark 
are working together.  I am 54.  Tom has been my mentor, friend,  almost 
father figure since I was in my early 20's.  Every single thing the man 
ever told me to do,  turned into a life.  I have led several of them 
successfully because of his advice. ;-).   I have had more than my fair 
share maybe but I try to use them to the fullest possible extent for 
good.  When I did not seriously consider his advice,  it was a 
disaster.  Consider yourself forewarned.

I am going to be incommunicado starting Monday, 4/29 until June 5.  I 
will be worthless until June 10.  Tom Clark, Barry Baines, and Rick 
Hambly have agreed to act in my stead on engineering matters.  They have 
my complete confidence.  When I return,  we will decide if I can 
continue my duties as the VPE and should it be necessary,  we will 
conduct an orderly transision.  I serve at the pleasure of the board,  
and I will continue to do so until we agree I should go.

For the rest of you,  I insist that we have meetings to accomplish 
several tasks:

1) Complete a total plan for build of the ACP and ground terminal 
prototypes and follow through on the planning of the San Diego 
experiments.  Jan King wishes to support this meeting in person and will 
fly from Europe if we give him sufficient notice.  I suggest an early 
meeting on ACP while I am gone and the "with Jan and a full team" when I 

2) Suitsat engineering needs a meeting.  That is in the works.  It needs 
to happen ASAP. 

Tom Clark has been asked by me to represent AMSAT technical to what 
appears to be an important meeting of the Technology Task Force at 
Dayton.  Please cooperate with him in the preparation for this which is 
entirely separate from the AMSAT talks.

When I return,  I want to move out and build out these ACP experiments.  
They are absolutely key to our success in getting on Intelsat in my 
opinion.  I cannot even get out executive to schedule further meetings 
with Intelsat.  I would have taken a battering ram to the door but such 
is the lack of confidence in us.  We must overcome this to succeed.  
Those are the stakes.

Barry will be given a more detailed list of people, plans, etc. today in 

My best wishes to all of you while I am gone.



Ivan Galysh wrote:
> Hello,
> I am still working on the RF. My 2 year old is finally recovering. We 
> spent the week going to doctors almost every day to track her progress 
> and adjust various medications. We had to change the maintenance 
> medicine and now are backing off of the other medications.
> I finally got the crystals in. I tried putting one into my version of 
> a collpitts oscillator and get some strange behavior. I was not able 
> to make John's butler oscillator work but that may be due to how it 
> was dead bugged. I laid out John's design on a PCB and ordered one to 
> be delivered by Wednesday. I'll build it up and try to get it working.
> In the mean time, I have the first IF done and going through the 45 
> MHz SAW filter. The output is at -30 dBm going into the second mixer. 
> That is where I am stuck with no second sig gen or working oscillator. 
> What I plan to do today is build up the final amplifier chain and 
> temporarily insert a 145,9375 MHz carrier to test up to the final.
> The receiver is ready except for the LO. I can attach a coax with an 
> SMA to allow for an external LO from a sig gen. If you want, I can 
> mail it with instruction to whoever wants to at start testing the 
> receiver side.
> Ivan
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