[eagle] Re: [hpsdr] AB2KT and the opera

Bob McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 11:07:41 PST 2008

Frank Brickle wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 11:47 AM, Bob McGwier <rwmcgwier at gmail.com 
> <mailto:rwmcgwier at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Well I apologize for sending that note out inviting everyone to
>     come to
>     a sold out performance.   I hope no one was inconvenienced...
> For the record, it should be noted that the N4HY crowd in the audience 
> led the cheering, so the level of enthusiasm should be viewed with 
> some skepticism.

Okay, so I brought half of New Jersey with me.  Bill Andersen (master of 
ceremonies) said WOW, did you bring half of New Jersey with you?  ;-).  
He then introduced me to the conductor for the guitar ensemble and I 
could not figure out why until the conductor (prodded by Bill) 
introduced himself as an ex-Marine who left an intelligence division in 
Iraq on medical disability and then out.  He then introduced me to his 
sister,  who was STILL such a non-com and was headed back.  They showed 
me a picture the OTHER sister who was still there!   

Let me assure you,  NEVER EVER judge a book by its cover.  You would not 
have picked this long haired, VERY stereotypical musical scene type nor 
his GORGEOUS sisters out as Marines.

When Bill and I compared notes,  we found that Frank has almost managed 
to keep his musical and "polymath" worlds completely separated.  We have 
each known Frank as long as the other and I never heard Frank mention 
Bill until the (now infamous) George Antheil Music Festival (coinventor 
of Spread Spectrum with Hedy Lamarr and major composer).
> The presenters may actually have made some money on this show. That is 
> the part nobody could have predicted.
With packed house,  and people TURNED AWAY at the box office (I heard 
them doing it as Meghan arrived late),  I believe all parties made 
money.  Congratulations indeed.
> After many decades of being a composer, it's my belief that writing 
> music is a lot like architecture: the fundamental task is to make sure 
> nobody gets killed or injured by your work. By that standard, the 
> evening was a raging success.
And here I thought that the process was simply living long enough 
without getting killed or killing yourself so that your contemporaries 
were too senile or tired to know better.  ;-).
> My greatest thanks to everyone.
> Frank

Our thanks to you for allowing us to have so much fun by having you as a 
peer. The evening was fun beyond belief until I picked up the bill for 
four people at Trattoria del Arte. 

Now! Can we do some ham radio?



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