[eagle] Mumble

Bob McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 07:51:45 PST 2008

FYI,  there is absolutely NO comparison between Mumble and Team Speak.  
Mumble is awesome and Team Speak SUCKS.

It allows you to adjust for the lowest latency your computer can 
tolerate.  It is so good you can carry on two way casual conversations 
as if you were on the telephone.

There is latency, but it is in no way as bad as TeamSpeak.

If we do the Ham Radio server change over with Eric Ellison,  Eric will 
need to set it up as multiple servers on separate ports, one for each 
room.  But it is very very light weight.  The speex speech quality is 
just fantastic.

I am going to run some Flex Radio developer tests, where we get all of 
the developers on to see how it scales.  I would not want to have all of 
AMSAT Engineering change over and it fail when we have the kind of great 
turn out we had last week.


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