[eagle] Team Speak

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 07:22:23 PST 2008

Tonight at 9 P.M. Eastern time engineering will meet on the Amateur
Radio Developer's Team Speak server.

I didn't realize why Matt hated it so much until I realized the
default password for access to the main system is Flex4U.

;-).   It was originally started up by owners and users of the
SDR-1000 by Flex Radio but it is now the default meeting place for

Here are your instructions copied from the password protected
EaglePedia page.  I am happy to announce that Dave Hartzell has
volunteered to take on the reorganization of the EaglePedia content.
I am very hopeful that with his leadership and contributions from the
individuals involved,  it can meet the clear promise it holds.

I am sitting in the AMSAT Engineering room with away selected.


Getting Started

   1. Download and install the TeamSpeak client.
   2. Bring up TeamSpeak client.
   3. Click Connection
   4. Click Connect
   5. Right Click Servers
   6. Click Add Server
   7. In the Label field, enter AMSAT (could be anything you want.)
   8. In the Server Address field, enter "". Include
the colon and port number, but do not include the qoute marks (").
   9. In the Nickname field, put whatever you want. Suggest at a
minimum, name and callsign
  10. Select Anonymous
  11. In the Server Password field, put "Flex4U" as password without the quotes.
  12. In default channel, enter "AMSAT Engineering" without the quotes.
  13. In channel password, enter "Eagle" as password, again without the quotes.

Connecting to TeamSpeak

   1. Click connect.
   2. In Settings, select Sound input/output settings.
   3. Leave everything at the default, except select Push to talk
mode. You'll then be asked to select a key for your PTT switch. I use
the right <CTRL> key (the left one on my laptop); some use the
spacebar. Whatever you like, but you probably want a key which does
NOT go into the keyboard buffer. Note that this is like a PTT switch
on a radio, you must _hold it down_ to transmit.
   4. Leave everything else at default; select CLOSE.

Once You Connect

This should work; I'll be listening. Amazing how WELL it works on my dialup!

If by chance, I'm not hearing you but you're hearing me:

   1. Open your sound card mixer application (varies with windows
version and sound card.) Make sure the microphone is enabled on the
INPUT (may be called RECORDING) side. Probably should be disabled on
the Playback side.

If you have any questions about TeamSpeak please post them to the
Eagle Mailing list.

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