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I hope this time the attempt to get you on board is more successful than 
the last time we tried and didn't find a fit.  We are in a different 
mode.  You will see more through the weekend as I send stuff out.

The basics are we have an opportunity to put an communications package 
on Intelsat buses going to geostationary orbit.  The power budget is 
huge, the pointing accuracy for our payload is phenomenal with 
sufficient apparent territory for excellent antennas, and we want to 
provide some serious services to amateur radio and our communities.

Please QRX.


David Goncalves wrote:
> Hello All,
>  I think I was invited here by Robert McGwier. I would like to say hello 
> to all of you, and Happy New Year.
>  I am David Goncalves (W1EUJ), I live in Lexington, MA, have had some 
> experience in working on a satellite project (RAFT),
> and work by day as an electrical engineer designing hardware for heart 
> support/replacement devices. I work currently with FPGAs (using 
> VHDL) for backup control of pneumatically driven blood pumps. I think my 
> skills might be of use here.
>  In particular, I offered to help with the PWM control, and possibly 
> other tasks. I did get an education in LTI systems, DSP and digital 
> design from Northeastern University, from which I graduated in 2004, so 
> the topics here are not new to me. I understand that the Xilinx Spartan 
> (I hope I have that right) is being used here, and I can start by 
> getting familair with that hardware.
>  Robert, as I came on to help you, I await your 'command'. To anybody 
> and everybody else, if there is documentation that I should go read, 
> point the way, and also good luck in your endeavors.
> -- 
> David Goncalves
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