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David Goncalves davegoncalves at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 14:53:07 PST 2008

Hello All,

 I think I was invited here by Robert McGwier. I would like to say hello to
all of you, and Happy New Year.

 I am David Goncalves (W1EUJ), I live in Lexington, MA, have had some
experience in working on a satellite project (RAFT),
and work by day as an electrical engineer designing hardware for heart
support/replacement devices. I work currently with FPGAs (using VHDL) for
backup control of pneumatically driven blood pumps. I think my skills might
be of use here.

 In particular, I offered to help with the PWM control, and possibly other
tasks. I did get an education in LTI systems, DSP and digital design from
Northeastern University, from which I graduated in 2004, so the topics here
are not new to me. I understand that the Xilinx Spartan (I hope I have that
right) is being used here, and I can start by getting familair with that

 Robert, as I came on to help you, I await your 'command'. To anybody and
everybody else, if there is documentation that I should go read, point the
way, and also good luck in your endeavors.

David Goncalves
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