[eagle] Re: Proposed agenda for Jan. 8 TS meeting

Matt Ettus matt at ettus.com
Wed Jan 2 10:28:54 PST 2008

Robert McGwier wrote:
> This is a proposed agenda for next week's meeting.  Poor Howard!  If he
> cannot make it for that meeting,  we will get the report from him
> earlier and deliver it.
> Please send me your modifications.  I will contact each of the proposed
> presenters directly.
> http://n4hy.org/AMSAT_Engineering_Meeting_2008_i.pdf
> Barry Baines is the leader of the meeting and the time enforcer.
> Bob

In the past I have not participated in these teamspeak meetings for a 
number of reasons, mostly centered around TeamSpeak itself, which is 
most definitely NOT open source, and not terribly good either, in my 
opinion.   The developers are quite open about the fact that they will 
NEVER open it up:


Clearly it is too short of a time frame to switch for this meeting, but 
I would really like to investigate some other option which is open.  A 
very quick google search turned up the following:


It is open, has clients for Windows and Linux, and seems to have a lot 
of happy users.  As a bonus, it uses the Speex audio codec which we are 
considering for use in many AMSAT and other ham applications.  This 
would make tying the internet- and satellite- connected conversations 
together easier.

If some people would like to test this with me, let me know.  At least 
one Linux user, on Windows user, and maybe a Mac person who knows how to 
compile common open source apps would be useful.


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