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What a nice message, Bob!  It was interesting to hear all of the news about the projects and about you.  
Thanks goes to all of the team members who have done so very much.  You are all fine people.
As with you, I wish everyone a nice Thanksgiving, and safe travels.
73, Rosalie, K1STO


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I hope this note finds everyone on the Eagle and Suitsat teams having a
pleasant mid-November.  For those in the United States, I hope you have
a pleasant Thanksgiving hiatus.   For the first time in months, I will
have four days in a row at home!

Tomorrow I go to the intial meeting at the Laboratory for
Telecommunications Sciences at U. Md. for the stand up of my team and
the kick off of my project.  This has been the most brutal six months of
my career in the dealing with bureaucrats and it has played hell with
most aspects of my life.  I have not stayed with Tom and Elizabeth in
weeks.  I have foresworn Gin and Tonic for weeks so you know it must be
bad! After tomorrow's kick off and following the Thanksgiving break and
the GnuRadio Hackfest (next week and now a major activity at my work
place)  I expect to return to "full time HAM work" with a very large agenda.

This past Friday night I spent time talking with Bob Davis and Saturday,
I had a very good half a day with him at the Lab.  He is just doing a
great job but we have been allowing him to carry the load for us  while
trying to do a full time job of his own.  I am hoping that more people
will start to go over.  AMSAT will support this activity.  We are
starting some fun things at the Pocomoke facility and with U. Md. E.S.

The HASP balloon project has been joined by AMSAT through Hawk/AMSAT in
Pocomoke.  It will give us an early opportunity to fly our Suitsat 2
payloads and we will be pushing to finish those pieces (all of them) in
time to get on the balloon.  This will give us the focus we need to
finish the RF pieces and the experiment interfaces.

We are going to build the frame of Eagle in the lab this year.

We hope to stand up an AMSAT Institute, a two week "camp for teachers"
at UMES and Hawk in the coming summer.

Bob and his volunteers have done a great job getting a lot done in the
last few weeks.


Soon the fire systems will be in and a certificate of occupancy granted
and work can begin!

Hawk has a Cubesat project.  It is to be launched from Wallops on the
DelMarVa peninsula next summer unless there are slips.  Our labs are in
the Hawk Institute for Space Sciences offices as seen in the photo's in
the gallery above.  There is work that needs to be done to help finish
this off. I do not have a list of tasks yet but that will be coming
soon.  I will be doing my best to set a good example by going down there
on two Friday's a month and working through most of Saturday starting in
December "on my way home" from Maryland to NJ.  This will be reasonably
straightforward to figure out.  N2HPE is off every other weekend and I
will work in Md when she is working.

We can accomplish a lot in the coming months and I hope you will soon
feel the enthusiasm I do for the prospects for the end of the year and
also 2008.

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends.


AMSAT Director and VP Engineering. Member: ARRL, AMSAT-DL,
"An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why
must the pessimist always run to blow it out?" Descartes

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