[eagle] Re: Eagle Management Change

Bill Tynan btynan at beecreek.net
Fri Nov 9 11:46:39 PST 2007


Thanks for the vote of confidence.

The answer in NO, not at my stage in life.

I was thinking in terms of Barry Bains - replace one retiered Navy officer 
with another.


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> Bill Tynan wrote:
>> Jim:
>> I am very sorry to learn of your resignation as Eagle Project Manager. 
>> Big
>> programs such as Eagle, no matter what kind of organization is doing 
>> them,
>> require the  type of disciplined management you have been providing. I 
>> can
>> think of an AMSAT project
>>  completed a few years back which would have benefited greatly from your
>> kind of leadership.
>> It know your work as Eagle Project Manager has been a strain, especially
>> since you are also holding down a full-time job.  Many AMSAT functions
>> require talented people who don't have to work for a living. But such 
>> people
>> are hard to find.
>> I hope the AMSAT officers will be able to locate someone who can fill 
>> your
>> shoes, but that will be difficult.
>> Good luck and hope to see you active in AMSAT again when that becomes
>> possible.
>> 73,
>> Bill, W3XO
> Would you be interested? -- Tom 

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