[eagle] Suggested 2008 Efforts

Dick Jansson-rr rjansson at cfl.rr.com
Fri Nov 9 10:27:41 PST 2007

While you are looking at the plans for what we need to accomplish in 2008, I
think that in the RF area we should include a physical modeling of at least
the key parts of Tom Clark's suggested phased array antenna. We need to
prove the principle. We will need the RF amplifiers and distributed gain
aspects of this antenna to meet our orbital RF power and directivity goals.
This then demands the creation of some real hardware - getting us past the
heise luft part of the design into something that can point us to what the
all-up, on-orbit hardware should look like. 
If this line is not examined, we then need to have a proposal for what we
should pursue..... Tom's proposal seems like a reasonable starting point.
Such an project will require the efforts of a multi-technology team.
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