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I sincerely hope that you return to AMSAT and ham radio soon.  It's way too
good a hobby to walk away from for long.  A year ago I had tired of ham
radio and longed to get back to the days when it was exciting and fun.  That
led me to satellites and satellites led me to your team.  You were
instrumental in helping me recapture the fun I once had with this great
hobby.  Thank you for your encouragement and support on Eagle and I hope you
return soon.

Best 73,

Juan - WA6HTP

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Last night I transmitted a significant letter to Rick Hambly, Bob 
McGwier, and the AMSAT Board of Directors.

As a result of life changing events this year, I have realized that I no 
longer have time for amateur radio and therefore Eagle.  With GREAT 
regret, I tendered my resignation as Project Manager and Assistant VP 
(Director) of Engineering.  I simply do not have the time to do this 
right, and would therefore prefer someone else do it.

I deeply regret having to take this decision.  I got into this when 
asked because I saw it as a chance for me to give something back to 
AMSAT.  It also gave me the wonderful opportunity to work closely with 
the awesome intellect that you all represent.  Working with you people, 
this team, has been a highlight of my personal and professional life.  
It is painful to step away, but I must do so -- I'm over extended, and 
must reprioritize some things in my life. 

Many of you have worked very hard and have worked hard at doing things 
differently.  In the process, you've taught the ENTIRE ORGANIZATION some 
new things that we must deal with in todays era of electronics -- both 
process and technical details.  I beg you all to not give up and please 

I will support and encourage from the side lines, as I can.

Thank you all for all that you've done.  I wish you, and Eagle, only 
good things.

Very 73,
wb4gcs at amsat.org

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