[eagle] Re: Phased Array on an IC

Franklin Antonio antonio at qualcomm.com
Wed Nov 7 16:03:55 PST 2007

At 11:33 AM 11/7/2007, Tom Clark, K3IO wrote:
>I wonder if any of our San Diego compatriots (Phil or Franklin 
>especially) have any contact with these folks --

Oops.  I read further down in the article "project is a collaboration 
between Rebeiz, Larry Larson and Ian Galton".

I know Larry Larson and Ian Galton well.  I've been on the board of 
the Center for Wireless Communcation at UCSD for several years, and 
Larson ran CWC for several years.  He gave it up last year.

Info about these guys can be found on the CWC web site 
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