[eagle] Updated Module

Dick Jansson-rr rjansson at cfl.rr.com
Wed Oct 17 13:00:53 PDT 2007

In response so some of Chuck's, Juan's and other's suggestion, I have
updated the 125x180 module to incorporate integrally machined support posts
and revised the cover attachment to the connector plate. While making this
change permanently attaches the posts to the baseplate, it also means that
there is no flexibility in omitting any posts.
For Chuck's information the nomenclature of the module is the PCB size, as
it has been for seven years. There may possibly be PCBs that would be 75mm
larger, totaling to be a 200x180mm PCB, but I certainly would not expect
anything larger than that. Also note that the depth of the cavity below the
posts is 6.35mm, save for in the very center where there is an attachment
for the connector plate that is located 0.75mm below the PCB for a space in
the center that is 10mm wide by 6mm deep from the connector plate. I was
loathe to locate such a piece here but felt the need for a third attachment
for the connector plate.
For Juan, the use of socket heat cap screws is not out of the question, I
just did not replace them in this assembly at this time. 
For John, I will have to create a revised footprint of the baseplate
interface to the bottom of the PCB, which obviously is not quite as limited
as just some 0.250inch cylindrical posts. I kept the basic pad of that same
general size, but the machining aspects of things get in the way of keeping
it quite to the same exact area of spots.
Bob Davis and I discussed extensively the issue of being able to remove the
cover while the module is mounted in the spacecraft. To achieve a relief in
the issue of the cover dictating the shape of the baseplate, instead of the
converse, this feature had to be sacrificed. I well remember the discussions
of earlier this century, but the issues that Juan raised seemed to overpower
the need to remove the cover while still in the spacecraft. To accommodate
the side-mounted screws the sides of the module were "pulled in" by 3mm on
each side, with the finished module now being 141mm plus 2x0.5mm for the
cover (=142mm) and plus screw heads, instead of the former 147mm overall.
(Now don't get bent all out of shape on that fuzzy math. No comments thereof
will be accepted.) The module mounting pitch is 150mm leaving 8mm between
adjacent modules for two sets of screw heads.
One type of module will, however, have to retain its removable cover
feature, however, and that for the power modules as the heat sink screws
must be accessed in order to mount the module into the spacecraft. What this
design is to look like has not been redetermined at this point.
Dick Jansson, KD1K
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