[eagle] Re: Revised Module Suggestion

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 15:19:11 PDT 2007

While I would have preferred a different route for this discussion to 
have been joined, it is timely.  I have suggested that we do not have 
the right computer for our new possible mission.  We are pushing on the 
new opportunity with all our might.  It does not make sense in any way 
to fly the IHU-3 with IPS on it since there is no reason whatsoever to 
have real time control of the possible new mission package.  We need the 
simplest kind of computer that we believe will control the packages, 
conduct communications with contro, and last for 15 years.

That said, there is nothing that changes in our need for the IHU-3.  We 
are committed to bringing them to the table for P3E and should we fly a 
satellite, stand alone, it is likely to be needed there.  I am going to 
arrange to have the IHU-3's built incorporating the changes/mods we have 
learned about from others.  Lyle and I have discussed this and I have 
promised him I would have them built.

For the future:

I am actually even suggesting that we are near the end of life on our 
ability to build these kinds of devices in our basements/shops and get 
them reliable enough with a high enough yield to be useful.  I am 
suggesting that if a cool head takes a long hard look at where we are, 
where the parts are,  and what resources we have,  that we are likely to 
decide we are better off having our people do the designs and then 
having the boards manufactured for us.  The price has fallen so far on 
set up charge and building that this probably makes sense.  I am not 
mandating this,  I am suggesting that we should investigate this.

I have suggested that if we fly our own core in a fully qualified rad 
hard FPGA,  there are OPEN CORES for processors.  We can easily modify 
these cores to have fully EDAC registers and memory on chip for cache 
and off chip memory can be the slow EDAC we know about.  In other words, 
  time has marched on, and there is no reason we should not investigate 
whether we should not move on as well.  These cores are available TODAY 
in the opencores.org group.  We should look.


Rick Hambly (W2GPS) wrote:
> Lyle,
> Thank you. You are exactly correct.
> Rick
> AMSAT LM2232

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