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Juan Rivera juan-rivera at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 16 13:23:15 PDT 2007


I assume the PCB mounts are the same swaged PEM hardware as in the prototype
I have.  Is that correct?  In my prototype all of those standoffs are loose
and can be rotated with light finger pressure.  This is not good.  Also, I'm
wondering what the manufacturer's tolerance is on length.  It would be a
shame to have a nice flat baseplate and then add errors to the PCB flatness
due to tolerance differences in the standoffs.

I'd also suggest cap head screws for attaching the PCB to the chassis
instead of Phillips.  My screwdriver has jumped out of the head and landed
on the PCB several times.  If that happened to a flight board we'd have no
choice but to replace every component that could have possibly been damaged
by the screwdriver as a precaution.  I think cap head screws would make for
a safer attachment since an Alan wrench is much less likely to jump out of
the head during installation or removal.


Juan - WA6HTP

On 10/16/07, Dick Jansson-rr <rjansson at cfl.rr.com> wrote:
>  Bob:
> Attached are three pdf views of the proposed revised Eagle module, and
> open view, fully closed view, and a view w/o the PCB. It has been a lengthy
> day getting all of the darned 0.5mm cover bends correct and holes properly
> placed for full mating of the cover with the baseplate (such things as
> 0.581mm hole placement discrepancies – ugh!). If built from the drawings
> that can be made from these objects, there should be a good fit in the real
> hardware.
> I do not presume as to what the "real" next step wants to be, as I do not
> propose to make the 2D drawings until the discussions have settled down to
> agree that this is what we collectively like, or at least collectively
> accept. Please advise.
> '73,
> Dick Jansson, KD1K
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