[eagle] Re: Revised Module Suggestion

lyle johnson kk7p at wavecable.com
Tue Oct 16 09:33:28 PDT 2007

The Eagle design has been the most open in the history of AMSAT.

As we all know, there are certain limitations to who can discuss what with 
whom due to the way our governement views spacecraft and related technology. 
 So, if certain parties make an observation to certain other parties, this 
information has to be distilled and then shared in mandated ways.   This may 
result in some lag before the larger community is generally aware of such 

Further, if two or three members of the Eagle team have a beer and discuss 
certain things, and they have not come to any well-defined suggestions, it is 
not being "closed" to continue to discuss (maybe over another beer) before 
floating the idea(s) to the group.

We are all in this together, we are partner-volunteers trying to create a 
significant technical resource, and we need to always give one another the 
benefit of the doubt and attribute only the highest and best possible reasons 
for any particular event.

I choose to not believe anyone is deliberately trying to hide anything from 
anyone else.  Further, if I get a phone call and discuss something or field a 
question, I don't necessarily feel obligated to transcribe (or even summarize) 
the conversation and report it here.

I know, and I think everyone else does (if not, they do now) that IHU-3 
development has been stalled for a while for various reasons.  I am the guy 
most at fault for this delay.  Bob, Rick and others are looking at ways to get 
it moving forward again.  I don't think Rick was announcing a major change to 
the IHU-3 as some secret conclave's conclusions.  He simply mentioned that 
some aspects of it are being thought about by some members of the team in the 
context of the larger issues surrounding it.  His mention of the fact that 
this is being thought about is *sharing* -- not hiding.

I saw no specific proposal, nor did I get the impression that there is a 
specific proposal being hidden.

This is a hobby, guys.

Let's have fun!


Lyle KK7P


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