[eagle] Revised Module Suggestion

Dick Jansson-rr rjansson at cfl.rr.com
Mon Oct 15 07:27:43 PDT 2007

Shown in this message is a picture of the revised module design that you and
I have been working on in the last few days. The revised cover has not yet
been done but its features are implicated in this current view. The machined
base plate has robust beams around three sides. Further, there are
stiffening beams machined on the bottom side of the baseplate. The side to
side dimension of the baseplate is shown at 141mm, reduced from its previous
147mm. This step was needed to accommodate the cover screw heads now on the
side of the module.
Shown also is a revised connector plate, which is increased in width from
the previous 122mm to the 141mm of the baseplate. This should ease the
connector space issue a little as the cover PEM nuts have accordingly been
moved out leaving a 125mm wide clear space for connector activity, an
increase from 106mm.
The PCB is unchanged, however its standoff posts are now 6.4mm (1/4 inch)
from the previous 4.8mm (3/16 inch), a step needed for connector plate
The cover will slide over the assembly shown and it will have only one
flange, along the rear side. The long sides will use screws placed into the
edges of the assembly (formerly a flanged side). This means that there will
not be mechanical loading on the baseplate caused by irregular flange bends,
as in the present cover design. 
Regarding this design of module, the PCB access has been fully maintained,
but the cover cannot be removed while the module is installed into the
spacecraft, a feature that had been planned with the current design.
Discussion is invited.
Dick Jansson, KD1K
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125x180 Module Assembly.jpg
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