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You present a very interesting paper for the Symposium. What is your next
step? When are you going to construct a test bread board of an array? To do
this you need an amplifier concept as an element of the antenna. In the
recent past (~2 years) we started such an amplifier examination but the
effort withered, apparently, and not much came of it as I remember. I
recognize that there are a number of closely related electronic, mechanical,
and thermal issues for such an amplifier element, along with Dan's delay
line and other aspects. 
As I see it, getting started in such an amplifier element, now that you have
a concept for the beam steering, is just as important to the Eagle project
as is such work that has been done recently on the U receiver by John and
Juan. I realize that the electronic aspects of such hardware is somewhat of
a moving target (the pace of developments in that field), but somewhere you
will have to put a stake in the ground and say that this is where we shall
start. To be able to deal with the mechanical and thermal aspects, which are
not trivial at all, I would need you to put the stake in the ground so that
I would have a starting point for such an effort.
So what are your plans?
Dick Jansson, KD1K
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I have (finally!) put the finishing touches on my magnum opus describing my
ideas on phased arrays and shipped it off to be included in the Pittsburgh
symposium proceedings. If you want to see it, it is available for viewing at
http://mysite.verizon.net/w3iwi/electronic_scanning_antennas.pdf . This
version has some figures in color, but the proceedings is in B&W (this
format is available if you need it).
This took me a lot longer than I anticipated. I had a couple of fairly major
Gates-induced computer failures, some of which still plague me (like I'm
using my notebook for all Email). I advise against the use of Office 2007.
I am hoping that this week I will have time to test Dan's hardware so I can
have some results to report by Pittsburgh.
Matt -- this has the numbers I was trying to remember last weekend.
For all -- your comments and critiques are solicited.
73, Tom
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