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In this case it wouldn't have helped since I wouldn't have gotten to the
point of reading the documentation for a long time since we already had
everything running.  As I mentioned in another email, it does point out the
benefit of the peer review.  Although this is not a classic example, Stephen
was able to look at our problem with a fresh perspective, unbiased by our
prior experience with the receiver and spot the problem that we should all
have thought of but didn't.  I've seen this exact thing happen over and
over.  The fact that Stephen was not involved in the receiver project that
was his strength.  Knowing the CAN-Do network inside and out was of course a
huge plus too!







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There's a lesson here:   DOCUMENTATION

Juan expected/assumed one thing, the CAN-Do! widget was something else.
Other teams will go through exactly the same issue.  SO, it appears we need
to add some documentation to each WIDGET in terms of serial number, address,
and probably a handful of other things I don't know about.  

Let's learn from this experience.

Juan, thanks to you and your team for perservering.

Stephen, thanks for your prompt support on a short fuse.

This kind of response and mutual support is exemplary, and what it will take
to get Eagle on orbit.

Thanks & very 73,
wb4gcs at amsat.org

Dave hartzell wrote: 

Wow, this is a relief.  I'm glad it was something simple....after all
the hunting and pecking we did yesterday, I'm glad it was something so
I guess when the term "bus" is used, an address as probably key to
getting to your destination.  ;-)
On 9/16/07, Juan Rivera  <mailto:juan-rivera at sbcglobal.net>
<juan-rivera at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

We need to take up a collection to buy Stephen a large hero badge.  He fixed
the problem and the receiver is now sitting on my bench happily receiving a
signal.  The new CAN-Do module that he sent me had a different address than
the old one and the old files were addressing the initialization
instructions to a non-existent device.  All we have to do is change the
address field in the initialization files and everything is fine.
Whew!  The train of life in back on the tracks!
73 to all,
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