[eagle] Re: I need another CAN-Do Module

Juan Rivera juan-rivera at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 16 15:41:05 PDT 2007


It is currently completely dead.  The two synthesizers have to be programmed
using an initialization file via the CAN-Do module.  I sent one of the files
to Stephen to look at, but those files have been working fine for months so
this net controller crash issue is almost certainly not important at the
moment.  (there is a different file for each frequency and depending if I'm
on internal or external reference.)

The CAN-Do module appears to be working from all outward signs but it looks
like nothing is making it to either synthesizer.  I'm sure we'll get it
fixed by the symposium but I would rather try the easy things first.



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I talked with Stephen.  He is testing your replacement module.  He and I 
both feel that the likelihood you have a faulty one is low but that 
there is no harm in testing this since it does turn out to be the 
module, it will prevent you from having to dig into the RX.

Now let us suppose you receive the widget and you cannot get the PLL's 
to function.

To what extent does the receiver function now?  Does it function well 
enough to demonstrate at the annual meeting?  If so,  why not do non 
destructive testing if at all possible and try to get it to run before 
we give up completely on it.


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