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Juan Rivera juan-rivera at sbcglobal.net
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It's the CAN-Do PCB with the 40-pin header on it that normally would solder
to the main PCB - the one with the EMI problem.  I really didn't want to
mess with the first one but no one stepped up to look into the EMI problem
so I finally gave up and decided to do it myself.  I wish I hadn't.

Now that one is dead and the replacement from Stephen appears to work but
the receiver isn't initializing.  I don't want to touch this receiver until
I have completely ruled out a bad replacement CAN-Do module by trying
another one.  I'd rather build up a second receiver from scratch than start
desoldering parts from this one.  That is a huge effort to be doing right
now.  I also don't have all the parts I need so I'd have to pull some from
this receiver.  The chance of making things worse is very real if I have to
dig into the receiver.  Trying a third CAN-Do module has no risk.

73, Juan

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What kind of Can-Do module do you have?

We need to get this done so it can be presented as our one success this 
year at the annual meeting.  Let's push this through.

Juan Rivera wrote:
> Stephen,
> All of the receiver power supplies are functional.  My setup has not
> for a long time.  I'm using the same cable harness and power supply as
> always.  Communications are via a USB port, to a USB-to-serial dongle, to
> the CAN232, to the CAN-Do module.  This has not changed since day-1.
> The CAN-Do Net Controller Software is the same installation I've been
> running successfully for months.  It appears to run as before.  It finds
> CAN232 immediately and then finds your module when I click the Query

> As I said in my earlier email, I'd like to completely rule out a bad
> module before tearing into the receiver, especially this close to the
> symposium.  I'm willing to try anything you suggest, but if you have
> module available I'd like to try that first.

I agree with this.

> 73,
> Juan - WA6HTP


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