[eagle] Re: 70 cm receiver inoperative with new CAN-Do module - More

Juan Rivera juan-rivera at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 16 05:40:55 PDT 2007


All of the receiver power supplies are functional.  My setup has not changed
for a long time.  I'm using the same cable harness and power supply as
always.  Communications are via a USB port, to a USB-to-serial dongle, to
the CAN232, to the CAN-Do module.  This has not changed since day-1.

The CAN-Do Net Controller Software is the same installation I've been
running successfully for months.  It appears to run as before.  It finds the
CAN232 immediately and then finds your module when I click the Query button.

I set the timing for 200 mSec and select a .can initialization file by
clicking "Playback Log".  I can then load the initialization data by
clicking "heartbeat". The data appears to load at the normal rate I'm used
to seeing.  After loading the file there are no entries in the error log.

The only odd behavior is that I can always crash the application by
selecting the waterfall log after the data has been initialized.  The log
appears to be empty when the application crashes. If I select that log
BEFORE I load the file it comes up with no problem.  I've tried loading
different versions of the init file (I have about 10 for various frequencies
and either internal or external reference) and they all result in both PLLs
failing to initialize and a dead receiver.

Yesterday we stepped through the I/O lines one at a time using a DMM and
toggling them using the GUI controls.  They all appeared to be OK after some
confusion initially.  I can also toggle the power on and off although I'm
bypassing it and feeding the receiver directly from the power supply.

The first LO is drifting around at 598 MHz.  The second LO appears to be
putting out RF at 126.4 and 253.2 MHz.  These observations are made using a
sniffer cable.

As I said in my earlier email, I'd like to completely rule out a bad CAN-Do
module before tearing into the receiver, especially this close to the
symposium.  I'm willing to try anything you suggest, but if you have another
module available I'd like to try that first.


Juan - WA6HTP

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