[eagle] Re: AO-51 Multiband Antenna???

Bill Ress bill at hsmicrowave.com
Mon Sep 3 18:02:59 PDT 2007

Hi Gould,

This is my response to Andrew, which I sent before receiving your reply. 
But your the guy I really need to address the question to since your the 
author of the book I'm looking at.

"Thanks for the reply Andrew.

Maybe I'm a bit confused. In my Gould "ECHO" book (Version 1.1 - May 
2004) on page 31, Figure 18 "ECHO satellite tray and component layout" 
it shows the VHF, the 4 element UHF turnstile and the L and S band 
antennas - - - but it also shows a "multiband antenna" feeding a switch 
and then the SQRX receiver. The other side of the switch is fed from the 
L band LNA. The SQRX can tune from 10 to 1300 MHz, and somehow I 
remember a 28 MHz SSB uplink test. Could be I've got the satellites or 
modes mixed up.

By the way, that Figure 18 is the only place I can see the "multiband 
antenna" referenced so maybe it's an error. Figure 16, on page 30 shows 
the other side of the switch being fed by the VHF antenna. That's 
probably the right representation.

Can you help straighten me out?

Regards...Bill - N6GHz "

Gould Smith wrote:
> As Drew said Stan designed it, with maybe help from Lou.
> I was told that it is an L Band antenna with S band stubs.  There is a 
> ground plane under it with radials for L and S band.
> I wasn't able to get specifics about gain when I did the book.
> Gould
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>> Stan Wood designed it. It is a dual band L and S antenna, linearly
>> polarized. I'm not sure what sort of "in orbit data" you are looking 
>> for,
>> but it is in use whenever the L band uplink or S band downlink is in use
>> including later this month.
>> http://n4hy.smugmug.com/gallery/2107663#108915239 has good pics of the
>> antenna.
>> Something in particular you'd like to try?
>> 73, Drew KO4MA
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>> Subject: [eagle] AO-51 Multiband Antenna???
>>> Perhaps one of you can detail the "multiband antenna" used with the 
>>> SQRX
>>> receiver aboard AO-51.
>>> A perusal of Gould Smith's "ECHO" makes reference to it but provides no
>>> details.
>>> Does anyone have any in orbit data for this mode. What's the current
>>> status for its use?
>>> Regards and thanks...Bill - N6GHz
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