[eagle] Passband Ripple - Latest Modifications and Test Results

Juan Rivera juan-rivera at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 7 19:26:12 PDT 2007



Per your request I have modified the input coupling to the 2nd Mixer as


*         Remove C37

*         Replace L15 and L16 with 16 ohm resistors

*         Install 0.27 µH inductors from pins 2 and 3 of U8 to ground


I then retested the IF passband ripple by sweeping a 1 MHz span centered on
10.7 MHz.  The output level was reduced by 3 dB but there was no change in
the ripple.  Click HERE
<http://www.juanr.com/pages/hobbies/ham_radio/Eagle/passband_ripple.htm>  to
view my log.


I think we need to look outside of that coupling area since we’ve pretty
much replaced every component.  Let’s replace both SAW filters next.  What
do you think?






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