[eagle] Re: CAN-Do 3-second Glitches

Stephen Moraco kc0ftq at amsat.org
Sat Jul 28 18:24:58 PDT 2007


    This has been documented in the Firmware Overview (Chapter 4) in the
section entitled
    "Hardware Watchdog Recovery System" since before any developers had
their hands on
    the Widgets.  I understand the behavior well and the UHU and CDNC
software were built
    with the heartbeat facility so that all developers would (when using the
heartbeat function)
    not have to put up with the watchdog resets every three seconds.  If you
use the widgets
    with the heartbeat on (as it will be on the spacecraft) then no resets
occur at all.

    Since this section is pretty much missed (or I left the implications
unclear) I've added
    additional treatment of this material to the next revision of the User's
Guide which will be
    available for all to review and comment within a week or two.  I just
completed the first
    draft review with Bdale and am doing the final pass of edits before I
post for all to

    Thanks for the reminder tho'.   I'm continually impressed with your work
and am enjoying
    be on this team with you.

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