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They have been pushing Allegro (AKA PCB Designer) very hard for the past
year. Worst than that, beware of upgrading to version 16. They also changed
the licensing structure and eliminated the floating license. They now only
support MAC lock, or license server. On the bright side, since they are
discontinuing it – we shouldn’t expect any new bugs, I mean features





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I received an email from from Mentor Graphics indicating that the OrCAD
software that AMSAT has licensed is being disontinued:




Cadence is discontinuing OrCAD Layout
Long anticipated, Cadence has finally begun the end-of-life (EOL) process
for OrCAD Layout. Cadence distributors emailed their customers in late June

'Effective July 31, 2007, Cadence will no longer sell ... OrCAD Layout based
technology products¿ We acknowledge that transitioning software systems is
never easy and is often a juggling act between investing in learning new
technologies and meeting current business priorities.' 

Their only recommended transition path is a move to Allegro technology -
infamous for its hard-to-learn, expensive, high-speed upgrades. 


This would leave PADS as the only viable layout software. Has anyone heard
from Cadence directly?








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