[eagle] Re: A new opportunity (Phase 4 lite?)

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
Fri Jul 20 17:42:11 PDT 2007

The increased gain of the earth station antenna compensates for the path 



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> On 10 Ghz: So we would try to get just enough gain to illuminate the earth 
> but Ooooops,  that won't quite get it because the path loss at X band is 
> much higher and would not allow for the ground user terminal we would like 
> to support.  If you overcome the path loss with gain, you do not 
> illuminate the visible earth.  Any phased array we are capable of building 
> I don't think would allow for continent shaping of the beam and if it 
> could, would we really want to be unable to work the DX in the middle of 
> the Pacific Ocean?
> Bob
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